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JB Braden has spent the past ten-plus years coaching his clients to become extraordinary speakers. Helping them craft an incredible presentation specifically designed to share their unique story, provide valuable content and leave their audience wanting more! 

Whether you’re an Entrepreneur/Business Owner wanting to use speaking as a marketing tool to grow your business, a Career Professional with a desire to be a better communicator and improve your public speaking skills or an Experienced Speaker ready to up-level your skills and/or monetize your stages consistently, I can help you achieve that Success!


As a high energy public speaker for more than 20 years, JB speaks to inspire! Empowering audiences across the U.S.A, with crowds as large as 4,000+ people, he focuses on pulling their wildest hopes and dreams to the surface and showing them how capable they are of achieving them. JB is an inspirational and dynamic speaker who breathes energy into crowds. His expertise in effective communication, behaviour change, growth mindset, success routines and living a purpose driven life will motivate conference attendees to take action. His wealth of experience makes him relatable to people at all organizational levels.

When JB’s not busy connecting with audiences, he loves spending time with his beautiful wife Lori, experiencing great food and wine from unique restaurants, listening to great music, traveling, enjoying sporting events and indulging in all that life in Denver has to offer. 

​Top Requested Speaking Topics

“Speak with a Purpose”

How to Craft a Presentation that leads to More Business, More Money, and More Raving Fans!

“Stop the Madness of Self-Sabotage”
In this talk I walk you through the 3 things that steal your success, keeps you stuck and robs you of creating a better life and business. Fear, Limiting Beliefs and Self-Sabotage. I show you how to overcome, take action and take control of your Health, Relationships, Business and Finances.

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Episode 32: How to Avoid the
​Deadly Assassins of Success with Guest Expert JB Braden

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